Eligibility for educational aid:

    1. Maximum 5 school students and 3 college students will get
    sponsorship per year.
    2.The student’s family must show evidence that they cannot pay their
    school/college fees.
    3.They should complete the Ardor sponsorship application, which should
    be approved by atleast half of the directors.
Medical Aid
  • Public Health
    awarness programs
  • Screening Medical
  • Financial help for
  • Donation of medical
    devices and drugs
Educational Aid
  • Career Counseling for
  • Financial aid for poor
  • Charitable help for
    needy schools

Educational aid:

    1. We will sponsor/provide financial aid to the poor or underprivileged
    students in India.
    2.We will conduct health awareness camps/programs in
    rural/underdeveloped areas of India. In these camps, we will educate
    people about healthy living such as eating healthy food, exercising and
    so on.
    3. We will conduct carrier counselling courses to the rural schools of
    4. We will fund rural underdeveloped area schools to get primary
    necessities such as library, restrooms and clean environments.
Past Education Aids:

  • We have sponsored financial support multiple collage students for their higher
  • We have conducted carrier motivation speech at Thumbu Higher secondary

Future Educational aids:

  • We continue to sponsor financial educational aids for the underprivileged
    students .